Best Handheld Steam Cleaner 2020

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner 2020

With the best tile floor steam cleaner, you can get rid of any type of spots and blemishes without having to scrub them.

For a thorough and spotless cleaning outcome, a handheld steam cleaner is your best friend.

Are you tired of scrubbing stains with no spotless outcome? Or are you in search of a healthier and cleaner way of doing home cleaning? Well, search no more as there are various handheld steam cleaners available in the market that suit your needs. If you are always concerned with the chemicals emitted from detergents while laundering, these steam cleaners are a big win. The only ingredient that is required is water. Bid goodbye to the allergic reactions that come with laundry shampoos.

How to select the right steam cleaner

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The all-around steam cleaner

There is the all-round steam cleanser that is fit for all types of surfaces including kitchen or bathroom floors, tiles, carpets, windows, and walls. The ability to clean all categories of exteriors is what makes the appliance versatile. When buying the all-around steam washer, consider the accessories that come with it. These accessories are detachable to the tool and are designated to clean different surfaces.

The one-steam washer

If you are searching for a steam cleaner that can wash both floors and other sorts of surfaces, then the 2-in one steam washer is the most suitable choice for you. You need to consider factors such as the water canister and the size. As even though it is handheld, you will require a water cylinder that can accommodate enough water without having to refill often.

All-in-one steam cleanser

The all-in-one steam washer is perfect for vacuuming or steam cleansing surfaces. It is appropriate for homes with a lot of congestion, or carpets full of debris. What you need to bear in mind is the steamer’s cyclonic action when cleansing. It should be strong enough to vacuum even the deepest dirt. The size of the water tank is vital as it has to hold adequate water for one laundry turn. Other elements include size and weight. Make sure you select an appliance that you can comfortably grip as it is hand-held.

List of the top handheld steam cleaners

1. Dupray Neat Steam Washer

The Dupray Neat Steam machine is a high-level machine that does a great job in washing stains. It is faster in cleaning compared to spray washers. The accompaniments are durable and easily detachable. Its water cylinder is big enough to accommodate water for a two –hour continuous laundry. From kitchen and bathroom floors to the dining rooms, the Dupray Neat can launder all sorts of exteriors. The steam power is strong enough to get rid of sticky debris.

2. Dupray Home Steam Cleaner

This appliance comes with inbuilt advance technologies that clean more with one water cylinder. Only eight minutes are required to boil water. You can use the steam cleaner up to forty minutes between refills. The steam flow is adjustable according to the exterior type. With one pass, debris and dust are done away with, without the use of detergent. The machine can automatically shut off, making it childproof.

3. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

The Dupra Tosca has a sophisticated digital control system that can regulate all electrical functions whereas exhibiting useful information. Some of these displayed performances include steam pressure, temperature, and protection indicator. The eight-liter water cylinder can give a performance of one and a half hours laundry service. It suitable both at home or workplaces and can disinfect normal bacteria without cleaning agents.

4. Sienna Steam Birdie Steam washer

If you are searching for the best tile floor steam cleaner, then the Sienna is the perfect handheld machine for washing stubborn stains and awkward places. It is appropriate for safe sanitization of areas difficult to reach. The steamer can produce up to 1500 watts in seconds rendering it suitable for large jobs. It has a dense and light design making it easily moveable. From fabrics, kids’ toys to all types of floors, the gadget gives an easy and safe way to handle any surface.

5. Dporticus Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleanser

The Dporticus comes with a 9-piece accompaniment collection. You can detach the suitable accessory depending on the type of façade you are cleaning. Some of these accompaniments include brush plate, bent spray, towel sleeve, extended nozzle, and many more. Within four minutes, the gadget can heat up faster. The outer exterior is well insulated and protects your hands from the high temperature; thus, it’s safe for children and pets.


Steam cleaners make the cleaning process faster and more effective.

Doing laundry has never been easier than before with the availability of handheld steam cleaners. Once you understand the points to consider before purchasing one, you can select the best from the list provided above. You do not have to worry about the stubborn stains, tiresome laundry experiences, far-reachable places, and safety of your loved ones anymore.